Non-PRIME Loan Solutions for everyone. We understand that not every borrower fits in a conventional loan program. AvoidHardMoney.com is a mortgage broker that has alternative loan programs that range from 6-9% as opposed to hard money lenders that are usually 10%+ AvoidHardMoney.com


This program is designed for experienced real estate investors and qualifies borrowers based on cash-flows solely from the subject property. First Time Home Buyer is allowed. Borrower must have a history of owning and managing commercial or residential investment real estate for a period of at least 6 months.

Investor – Non Hard Money

The borrower is qualified based upon the cash flows of the subject property only, regardless of the number of properties owned by the borrower
–Asset Based Loans (NO Employment Verification, NO Income Qualification, NO DTI Calculations, NO Tax Returns or 4506 Required)
-30-Day Seasoning on Refinances
-No Sourcing or Seasoning of Funds
-Long-Term Buy & Hold Products (30-Year Amortizations)
-Rates as Low as 5%
-Portfolio Loans Available
-Close in Weeks, not Months
-Up to 80% LTV on Purchases and 75% on Refi Cash-Outs
-640 Min. Credit Score
-Min. Loan Amount: $150K, Max Loan Amount: $2 million, depending on loan product
-Lower rates than hard money

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